Listen to “How to Turn Your Photography or Video Hobby into a Business” ft. Tyler Edic

Have you been thinking about turning your photography or videography hobby into a business? In this Lunchtime Topic, we chatted with Tyler Edic, a seasoned videographer and photographer, to learn how he turned his hobby into a profitable business serving Savannah companies and individuals. As Tyler says in this Lunchtime Topic, there is room for more photographers and videographers in Savannah!

About Tyler Edic…

Tyler Edic is a video production entrepreneur and independent filmmaker. He was named “Best of the Year: Videographer” by Savannah Magazine in 2021 and “30 Under 30” by Destination’s International in 2020. Tyler holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcasting and Mass Communication and a Master’s in Business Administration. He relocated to Savannah in 2018 with his dog Lilly.
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