Listen to “How to Start a Franchise Business with Danielle Stankiewicz”!

Are you interested in being self-employed, but don’t want to start a business from scratch? Have considered owning a franchise?

In this Lunchtime Topic, we explored the process of starting a franchise business, including the advantages of owning a franchise, how to find the right business or industry, capital needs, financing options, and more!

Danielle Stankiewicz, who is a Certified Franchise Consultant (CFC) at Horizon Consulting Partners, joins us for the Lunchtime Topic on How to Open a Franchise Business.

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864-638-1046, extension 3

About Danielle…

Danielle has a diverse background in education and experience. She possesses two bachelor degrees in the field of social sciences and a masters in psychology.

She began her career teaching public and private school before discovering she could make more of an impact working outside of the traditional school system. With a reputation for professionalism, she built her career as a private governess and high profile nanny. In 2018 she moved her life abroad, working and living in England and Hungary, before returning to the states to become an entrepreneur in the field of real estate and stepping into the world of publishing. She currently works as a certified franchise coach, helping others to achieve their dreams of entrepreneurship. She also continues in her passion of education, through writing and offering conscious parenting resources online.