How To Drive Engagement on Social Media with Kara Heater

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In today’s digital age, social media has become a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their audience, boost brand visibility, and drive engagement. But how do you create content that not only captures the attention of your followers but also keeps them coming back for more? To shed light on this topic, we recently caught up with Kara Heater, the Marketing Director at the Savannah Bananas, in a YouTube interview on “Lunchtime Topics” with Kate Lance from the Creative Coast. Kara shared valuable insights on how her team leverages social media to make baseball fun and engaging for fans.

Kara’s Journey with the Savannah Bananas Kara Heater’s journey with the Savannah Bananas began as an intern back in 2018. As a Savannah native, Kara had always been aware of the team and its unique approach to baseball. She decided to pursue an internship opportunity, which ultimately led her to become the Marketing Director for the team. Her dedication to the organization and her creative marketing strategies have played a significant role in the Savannah Bananas’ success.

The Ever-Changing World of Social Media Kara shared that one of the most exciting aspects of her job is its dynamic nature. Each day presents new challenges and opportunities, making it crucial for the team to stay adaptable and creative. While the Savannah Bananas’ marketing team is relatively small, they work together cohesively to plan and strategize their content, ensuring they remain relevant and exciting for their diverse fanbase.

The Role of Video Content Video content has been a game-changer for the Savannah Bananas. It has allowed them to showcase the exciting and unique elements of their games. Their foray into live broadcasts and innovative content like players being miked up during games has garnered widespread attention, even from major sports networks like ESPN and SportsCenter. The team has learned that video content, when executed creatively, can help drive engagement and make baseball more entertaining.

Tailoring Content to Different Platforms Kara emphasized the importance of tailoring content to suit different social media platforms. While Twitter is a hub for sharing baseball statistics and updates, platforms like TikTok and Instagram require more engaging and entertaining content. They focus on creating content that makes baseball fun, and they’re conscious of how it aligns with their brand.

Engaging with Fans The Savannah Bananas prioritize engaging with their fans on a daily basis. Kara shared that her team dedicates specific time blocks each day to respond to comments, direct messages, and interactions on their social media platforms. This personal touch helps fans feel valued and connected to the team.

Fan Suggestions and Involvement Fans play a significant role in content creation, often suggesting ideas that the team uses. The Savannah Bananas actively encourage their fans to provide input, and they’re always on the lookout for trends and content inspiration from sources like TikTok. This collaborative approach keeps the content fresh and exciting.

Balancing Creativity and Strategy Creating content for the Savannah Bananas involves a careful balance between creativity and strategy. The team plans content buckets and regularly assesses which ideas align with their goals and can be executed within the desired time frame. Content is driven by the question, “Does this make baseball fun?” If the answer is yes, it’s likely to be a hit.

The Shift to Banana Ball Kara discussed the shift from traditional baseball to Banana Ball, where they’re breaking away from the norms to make the sport more exciting. This freedom allows them to create unique and entertaining content both on and off the field. Banana Ball has opened doors to creative marketing strategies, enabling them to make baseball more enjoyable for everyone.

In conclusion, the Savannah Bananas’ success on social media is a testament to their dedication to making baseball fun and engaging for their fans. By tailoring content to various platforms, engaging with their audience, and staying open to fan suggestions, they have managed to create a unique brand that resonates with a diverse range of baseball enthusiasts. Their journey highlights the importance of creativity, adaptability, and a genuine commitment to fan engagement in social media marketing.


About Kara:

Kara joined the Bananas in 2018 as a Marketing Intern. She is a Savannah native and loves nothing more than the sweet smell of the marsh on that evening ride home. Her favorite part of marketing is being able to build relationships with fans online and working with the rest of the creative team to create the content you see online.