Listen to “How To Drive Engagement on Social Media” with The Savannah Banana’s Kara Heater

If you didn’t get the opportunity to tune in to last week’s Lunchtime Topic, go ahead and have a listen and/or a watch now!

Is your social media falling flat? Perhaps you have some engagement, but could use more? In this Lunchtime Topic, Kara Heater (Marketing Director for the Savannah Bananas) will talk with us about the strategies she and team use to make the uniquely, famous baseball team go viral on social media.

About Kara:

Kara joined the Bananas in 2018 as a Marketing Intern. She is a Savannah native and loves nothing more than the sweet smell of the marsh on that evening ride home. Her favorite part of marketing is being able to build relationships with fans online and working with the rest of the creative team to create the content you see online.