Leveraging Generative AI to Boost Revenue for Your Products & Services

What exactly is Generative AI? How is it most helpful for startups and businesses? What AI tools are available to streamline processes and make companies more profitable?

Murem Sharpe addresses all of these questions and more during this special recording of “Leveraging Generative AI to Boost Revenue for Your Products and Services.” Learn why and how Generative AI can help companies be more efficient and bring in more revenue.

Murem’s work focuses on client companies in  in verticals such as healthcare and medtech, logistics, and business services that market technologies including SaaS (software-as-a-service), marketplaces, and devices. She is a Partner in Revenue Growth at TechCXO, a company that provides access to the best executive talent available. Get fast advisory help or hire fractional interim CEO, CFO, COO, CTO, CISO, CMO, FRO, CSO, or CHRO. You can even outsource entire functions. For more info on TechCXO, visit https://www.techcxo.com/.