Learn to Program for Free with codebar

codebar is an organization with chapters throughout the world. In fact, Savannah is the second established chapter within the U.S. after New York City. Workshops are held on the second Monday of the month at the Pennsylvania Avenue Resource Center (PARC) and teach attendees how to code in an inclusive and friendly environment with a focus on helping marginalized and minority groups. Participants learn programming for free without external pressures and with assistance from codebar coaches.

Pictured: Kevin Lawver organizers and coaches Savannah local codebar chapter.

Kevin Lawver, who is the Savannah codebar organizer, shared the importance of the program in helping to create opportunities in Savannah. “The poverty rate is between 22%-26% in Savannah, which creates generational poverty.” Lawver wants the workshops to be a resource, create soft landings, and help people build a new skill. He hopes codebar widens horizons for those who are curious about the possibilities of working in the tech industry or creates pathways to tech careers for attendees.

While the tech community within Savannah is small, it is close-knit. Coaches are local developers who volunteer their time by sharing their knowledge and expertise with the codebar students during workshops. Additionally, codebar is able to provide laptops to all attendees to use during the workshop through their sponsors at PARC.

codebar brings together the tech curious in areas that may go unnoticed due to economic instability to learn about programming and inspire the next generation of technologists. Workshops could turn former students into future coaches or lead them to create the next big thing. Hope to see you there!

The next codebar takes place from 5:30-7pm on Monday, September 13th, at PARC on 425 Pennsylvania Ave in Savannah. To learn more about attending or sign up to be a coach, visit their page here.