Learn from World-Class Leadership Experts at Live2Lead Savannah on November 4th

What’s the point? 

Come on. You know what I mean. For entrepreneurs, long nights, early mornings, rushed meetings and coffee stains on the shirt are to be expected. Hours are spent honing product, reshaping pitches, looking for funding only to be denied or waitlisted until finally…breakthrough. Money rolls in, employees onboard and the goals grow in scale. But now, things feel a little more uncertain. You’re expected to do more than you once were. You’ve been so busy leading yourself to success, but now it’s time to become a leader to others. 

Enter Erik Reagan. 

Reagan, a co-founder of brand consultant agency Focus Lab, is pursuing an interest that’s always been close to his heart: leadership. 

“As I’ve built Focus Lab over the years, I’ve had my own personal evolution of going from web developer to business owner to more entrepreneur,” says Reagan. “And the thing I’ve realized that I love most out of any of those things is when I’m able to work with and coach other people. I’ve just really grown to love it.” 

But leadership is sort of a murky term to define. He does his best to explain his interpretation. 

“I really appreciate some of the simpler definitions,” Reagan says. “John Maxwell has one of the simplest, which is that it’s simply influence. I don’t tend to think of the word leader in a hierarchical or positional sense even though there is relevance in that. I believe that anyone has the capacity and the position to lead and influence those around them.” 

He’s working to spread that belief throughout the Coastal Empire through his latest venture Built on Purpose. The agency’s mission is to help leaders be their best, which can sound kind of ambiguous. That being said…

“The majority of things that Built on Purpose teaches and coaches through are simple and easy-to-grasp concepts,” Reagan says.


Clients begin the process by filling out a questionnaire that starts off with some pretty basic questions, such as: 

  • How many people does your company employ? 
  • Where are you located? 
  • Do you have any partners? 
  • What was your top-line revenue last year? 

But there’s a set of back-to-back questions that stick out. 

  • What does your company do? 

Followed by: 

  • Why does it matter? 

There are times where being tongue in cheek is appropriate, and Reagan’s organization is the point in case. Built on Purpose works to remind founders of their company’s purpose. It’s hard to remember who you are when you’re flying high in the ether of business. His plan is to help you come back down to ground level and reevaluate not just your business, but yourself.  

“I have no interest or any concern in the content or what I help people achieve,” Reagan says. “I’m just going to try and focus on their market.”

Reagan is in Year Zero of launching Built on Purpose, and he has some pretty lofty goals  

“We’re hoping to be able to donate $5 million dollars to nonprofits in our area within the next ten year,” he says. “This is the most ambitious goal I’ve ever set in my life.” 

But it reminds him of one of his favorite quotes

“I think of this quote by Bill Gates quite often,” says Reagan. “He says ‘We often overestimate what we can do in one year and underestimate what we can do in 10 years’.”

You can catch Erik and learn more about Built on Purpose at the upcoming LiveToLead event happening in Savannah on Friday, November 4th. The event gives you the opportunity to learn from world-class leadership experts, prepare to implement a new action plan and start leading with renewed passion and commitment.

Live2Lead Savannah’s Executive Coaches.

Live2Lead is held annually in Atlanta and is brought to hundreds of sites around the world, including Savannah. According to the Live2Lead site, “Attending a local Live2Lead allows attendees to save hundreds or thousands on would-be flights, hotel stays, and lost time to travel.”

Attendees will get to hear from speakers such as John C. Maxwell (#1 New York Times Best Selling Author, Coach, and Speaker), Tim Elmore (CEO and Founder of Growing Leaders, Best-Selling author, and International Speaker), Doris Kearns (Presidential Historian and Pulitzer Prizewinning Author), and more. To help attendees create their action plans, the summit will incorporate small group discussions led by executive coaches.

For more details and to grab 10% off on your ticket, visit www.eventbrite.com/e/408221881637/?discount=TCC10.


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