It’s Time to Complete Your IFundWomen Universal Grant Application!

Did you know that there are over 12 million women owned businesses and startups in this country alone? That is 40% of the businesses in the US. Yet shockingly, women receive just 7% of venture funds for their startups. Even more shockingly, statistics show that, on average, a female entrepreneur is awarded a loan of around $5,000 less than a male entrepreneur.

IFund Women’s mission is to change that. They are driven to give life through funding to sustain and develop the ever growing community of businesses owned and operated by women. IFund Women “provides a platform for women-led businesses to access capital through online fundraising, access to small business grants, expert coaching, professional creative production, a collaborative entrepreneur community, and access to industry connections critical to launching and growing businesses.”

By filling out their Universal Grant Application you are immediately put in the running for the next time IFund Women partners with a broker. If your application fits the bill for the grant, you could be picked!

Apply here! And if you want to keep your eye out for any upcoming grants, click here to track the releases.

Advice from the company: Have your business pitch written out in advance so you can simply copy and paste it in. The rest of the questions are basic and easy.

If you want to learn more about IFund Women click here.

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