InventureIT is a Regional Company That Makes Global Impacts

If you’re a business looking for IT management, custom software systems, network support, tech support, integration, and technology consulting services, look no further than InventureIT. The Georgia-based company was founded in 2007 and is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Jeremy Fletcher (Chief Technology Officer), Lee McKinney (Chief Information Officer), Brent Newsome (Chief Executive Officer), and Stacey Roach (Chief Operating Officer). This month, The Creative Coast spoke with COO Stacey Roach about InventureIT’s story, its mission, and what it provides to the greater community.

InventureIT is a company that launches companies,” said Roach. “We’re one of the few Southeast companies that provide a variety of options for clients. We partake in joint ventures, and we foster relationships that help you facilitate growth and bring things to market.”

Stacey Roach, COO of InentureIT. Photo: Rebekah Collinsworth

The company’s headquarters is in Dalton, Georgia, but it has since expanded to a Savannah office as well. For InventureIT, it was a strategic move that has brought the company a lot of success. “Savannah is a community of creativity that has a huge potential, especially when it comes to blue collar engineering,” said Roach.

Plus, Savannah was the perfect place for a rapidly-growing organization like InventureIT. According to Roach, the company had expanded by six or seven employees in 2017 and then saw significant growth to 30 employees by 2019. Today, InventureIT boasts a full roster of developers who are equipped to guide clients through any variety of projects while helping them protect important assets along the way. In 2021 alone, InventureIT completed 286 projects and had over 20,000 users of their services.

When asked what his favorite part of working as the COO at InventureIT is, Roach didn’t hesitate. “I really enjoy taking someone’s idea and helping them bring organization and execution to it and turning it into an idea that can make them money,” he said. “It’s the question of ‘How do I help not just me, but other companies bring their ideas to market?’”

In addition to the work he’s doing alongside his partners at InventureIT, Stacey Roach also helped create Southern Automated Logistics & Technology (SALT), a commercial apprentice program through Roach’s alma mater, Georgia Southern University. SALT began on the Statesboro campus of GSU and has grown considerably over the last two years. The program teaches Computer Science students how to launch software products and provides them real-world experience in the trucking, manufacturing, and automation industries.

When he began SALT, Roach was looking for a way to give back to his community following his success at InventureIT. Roach hopes that the program will educate Computer Science students while also helping them see Savannah and the greater region as a terrific place to do business and help the innovation economy grow.

For more information on InventureIT’s services, its founders, and to connect, visit the InventureIT website or Facebook

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