Intentional Leadership

Erik Reagan is passionate about people and learning. As the Partner and CEO of a renowned design firm located in Savannah, he has learned a thing or two about team leadership since he co-founded Focus Lab in 2010. One of the utmost priorities and core values of the Focus Lab team is “People over profits” (read more on that here), a standard he and the Focus Lab team strive to hold one another to and improve upon continually.

In this Lunchtime Topic, Erik will share what he has learned about being an intentional leader from how he budgets his time to how he builds accountability within the Focus Lab team.

About Erik:

Erik’s career has been an evolution from musician, to developer, to entrepreneur. He has a variety of interests these days, but what ties them all together is a hunger to learn how and why things work. What was once “How does this chord progression work?” turned into “How does a dependable website get built?” and eventually became “What does it take to build and sustain a great company?”

Chances are if you’ve spoken to Erik for any length of time you’ve heard him talk about his family. His beautiful wife and kids are his world and it does not take long to discover that. He is a huge proponent of being intentional with time and keeping work at work. (His wife thinks that’s pretty cool.)

He has the pleasure and privilege of leading a wonderful team at the brand agency, Focus Lab.

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