Inspiring Space Access for All in Savannah Live @ Expansive (Novel) Coworking – Jun 8, 3PM

Space is no longer just for NASA. Join us Tuesday June 8, 3:00-5:00 pm at the Expansive (Novel) Coworking Space in Savannah, GA for our “Conversations for the Future” event series to discover how you (or your business) could play a part in the emerging space economy. Learn more about workforce development, careers, and opportunities that can be applied in the return to space. Space nerds and all those curious about space are welcome!

Space represents the next great strategic frontier for the United States. Our history is full of examples of visionary transportation leadership across sea, land, and air; that history demands that we lead in space. The nation’s space enterprise is facing tremendous change, driven by technology advancements, entrepreneurial investments, new business models, rapidly changing threats, and a complex geopolitical landscape. Navigating this multifaceted domain requires experience and vision.

The United States faces growing competition and increasing threats in the space domain from countries like Russia and China, each of which possess technologies capable of targeting U.S. space assets. At the same time, the global space economy is primed for liftoff, as technological advances and scientific breakthroughs unlock space-based investments and make the promise of space resources within reach. According to some estimates, within the next two decades, ventures like space tourism, the harnessing of solar energy, and space mining will propel the overall value of the space economy to $1 trillion.
Who: Foundation for the Future
What: Conversations for the Future
When: Tuesday, June 8 3:00-5:00 pm EST
Where: 2 E Bryan St, Savannah, GA 31401, USA (Expansive Coworking Savannah)
Why: Inspiring space access for everyone