InnovATL2023 Offers Events for Georgia Innovators this Fall

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InnovATL2023 is a yearly push to support innovation in Metro Atlanta and the southeast, consisting of multiple events designed to bring together disruptors and innovators from across industries to learn and grow. From September 26 through October 20, 2023, these events promise ripe opportunities for local entrepreneurs, creators, and innovators to hone their skills and build their networks. But with so many events, where should you begin? We’ve taken the time to summarize five of the most promising events listed by InnovATL2023 so you can see at a glance where your time and money will be best spent.

Venture Atlanta 2023 is a venture capital conference designed to support promising technology companies in the southeast by connecting founders with funders. The annual event boasts $7.5B in capital raised, $17B in exits, and 1,300+ annual attendees, as well as a robust list of successful alumni companies. The companies selected to compete in the pitch event will be announced September 1st, and the event will be held September 27th through 28th at the Woodruff Arts Center and Atlanta Symphony Hall.

Avant South at Georgia Tech is a tech expo that will, in its inaugural year, cover artificial intelligence and its effect on society. On September 28th and 29th at Coda and the Fox Theater, respectively, the event will showcase innovation in the field of AI, host discussions with panels of experts, and foster discussion and networking between attendees.

Techstars offers a 13-week accelerator course for startups around the world, and on October 16th, they will host a demo day for founders to share stories and lessons learned over the course of the program. Startups get exposure which helps secure resources, and attendees get to learn from the experience of high-speed startups in their city.

Georgia State University’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute is inviting early-stage founders and investors from across the state to participate in an entrepreneurship and innovation summit on October 19th at Georgia State University’s Center Parc Credit Union Stadium. The one-day event will showcase Georgia State’s Main Street Entrepreneurs Seed Fund business accelerator program as well as feature startup pitches, networking opportunities, and information sessions.

The Atlanta Digital World Summit is a half-day event focused on the entertainment, music, fintech, and gaming industries: Atlanta’s major drivers of digital revenue. Three panel presentations promise a glimpse of what’s next in the digital world and offer opportunities for education and networking. The event will be held at Skillshot, a digital entertainment and esports-hosting media company, on October 4th.

InnovATL2023 will include not just these five, but fourteen total events centered around the innovative, entrepreneurial, and creative communities of Atlanta and the southeast. To learn more or register for the upcoming events, visit the InnovATL2023 website here.