How to Make Your Business More Environmentally-Conscious & Lessen Its Carbon Footprint ft. Katie Rodgers-Hubbard

How can we invest in our planet? Businesses, governments, and individuals must work together to actinnovate, and implement to preserve our planet. This requires us to take into consideration how our everyday choices affect the health of our planet and then make changes to our actions in order to protect our world.

Katie Rodgers-Hubbard joined us to chat about how all businesses can become more environmentally friendly and lessen their carbon footprint. Katie is the founder and owner of Lite Foot Company, Georgia’s first refillery. Through her company, Katie aims to make the sustainable lifestyle journey less overwhelming and simpler for others.

Watch for Katie’s insights and tips!

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About Katie:

Katie Rodgers-Hubbard is a life enthusiast, a wedding reception dancer, and a Leslie Knope wannabe. She is a midwesterner, army spouse and a small business owner. Katie started Lite Foot Company because she realized that a sustainable lifestyle is a journey, and that journey can be overwhelming. Her mission is to help people on their own journey, no matter where they are on it. She aims to make sustainability simple and accessible.