How to Green Your Business ft. Chriscilia Cox

Watch to learn how to make your company more environmentally friendly with best green practices for business. In this video, environmental management and sustainability expert Chriscilia Lyles Cox shares ways to set goals and modify your operations to reduce your company’s carbon footprint and create positive change for the environment.

About Chriscilia:

Chriscilia Lyles Cox is a unique public health consultant known for using her gift of management, team building, and strategic thinking to help people solve problems cost-effectively using communication and innovation. After retiring from the military, she found SUMA Consulting LLC, an environmental management and sustainability firm where she helps various organizations and families.

Unlike traditional environmental consulting firms that focus on analyzing problems for only large clients, SUMA Consulting LLC works with any sized business or residence. They help develop concrete, practical, short-term action plans to start moving their clients in the right environmental impact direction.

SUMA Consulting LLC is result-driven. They provide a complete range of environmental support services using various evaluations with different ecological assessment tools, choosing those best suited to the client’s sustainability requirements. Their plans are also customizable to the needs of their clients with flexibility. Their specialty includes training, policy development, pollution and prevention, and waste management. Additionally, the firm offers sustainability consulting for businesses, institutions, communities, and even the cannabis markets. Owing to COVID-19, they offer all services on multiple virtual platforms, expanding their consulting worldwide.

As a military veteran, Chriscilia has been responsible for growing client bases, driving environmental and sustainability goal setting, and leading budgets and cost savings for the Department of Defense. Today, she is living out her dream and continuing to make a difference as the Founder and CEO of SUMA Consulting, LLC.

Chriscilia lives in Ludowici, Georgia with her husband and daughter. Her civic involvements include various member on boards, volunteerism, non-profit, and national leadership roles.

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