How I Turned My Service-Based Business Into a Digital Product ft. Caitlin Lindsey

Have you been sitting on an online product idea, but aren’t sure how to get it going? Want to figure out how to set up a potential passive income stream that has you making money while you sleep? In this Brunchtime Topic, we talked with Caitlin Lindsey, Founder of Fit To Entertain, to learn how she launched her new online product Fit To Eat, plus how she is marketing it.

Here are the tools Caitlin mentioned using for her digital product Fit To Eat:
Shopify (eCommerce)
Zapier (automation; connects Shopify with Flodesk)
Flodesk (Email marketing)
Payworld (automated subscription to Fit To Eat)


About Caitlin:

Hi There! My name is Caitlin Lindsey, and I am the owner and founder of Fit to Entertain. A Savannah-based private chef, clean living advocate, and lover of travel, my business is built on two of my greatest passions : lifestyle entertaining and nourishment. My life as an entrepreneur began when I started a cookie business before I was even old enough to put the baking sheet in the oven. With more than 15 years in the event planning industry, entertaining has always been at the core of my expertise. As someone living with food allergies, the recipes I curate bring in rave reviews from even those who don’t have a list of foods they have to avoid. From private dining experiences and cooking classes, to multi-day retreats and building beautiful displays of cheese, charcuterie, and handmade hors d’oeuvres, my greatest joy is serving others through healthy and delicious food.

To learn more about Caitlin & her business:
Check out Caitlin’s “Everything But the Turkey” E-Cookbook here: