#GoodNews: Savannah’s Elkay Advisors to launch a free 5-Day LinkedIN program on May 4th

Given the Coronavirus pandemic, more and more individuals and businesses have moved to online networking and collaboration to survive and stay visible.

Elkay Advisors, a local digital media training and consulting business, aims to help area businesses get more visibility on LinkedIN with a ‘LinkedIN 5-Day Challenge ‘ beginning on May 4th. Owner, Lisa Kanda has designed the program for those who are new to LinkedIN or who have let their profile go dormant in order to help them “jump start [their] use of LinkedIn to increase [their] visibility, connections, and relationships for [their] career and business. “

The challenge is free and runs from May 4 – 8, 2020 and involves a total of only 40 minutes of time investment for the entire week. It includes two live video training sessions and one live video Q & A session + more.

Click HERE to learn more about the ‘5-day LinkedIN Challenge’ and sign up.

Lisa has over 25 years of experience in the corporate world and almost a decade of experience as an entrepreneur. She is a Creative Coast member and her business Elkay Advisors has offered a number of free Lunchtime Topics to the Creative Coast community. You can watch her most recent Lunchtime Topic ‘Staying Visible in Times of Uncertainty’ HERE. To learn more about Lisa and Elkay Advisors, click HERE.