#GoodNews: Moss & Marsh Launches Web-based Series Making with Moss & Marsh

Moss & Marsh was founded by Candace Brodmann of Savannah. The company is a “textile design house” that creates products with the goal of making life easier for their customers.

Some of the items and services Moss & Marsh sells include a DIY Screen Printing Kit, attire (women and children’s ), monogramming and customization, and a new UV shirt line.

This spring, Candace launched a new web-based series Making with Moss & Marsh showcasing various crafting techniques and tutorials.

On their webpage, Moss & Marsh states,

“Making with Moss & Marsh is a show that combines crafting and community. Now and throughout history, crafting has promoted conversation, community, and even therapeutic healing. Each episode will demonstrate a craft tutorial and many will feature local special guests. Our guests will get to tell their story and the crafts will be themed around it! We can’t wait to get making with you!”

To learn more about their new online show and watch, click HERE.