#GoodNews: InkyBrittany Celebrates Five Years in Business

Pictured: Brittany Curry at a 1 Million Cups One Year Anniversary Celebration in January 2017

InkyBrittany has been capturing business meetings and gatherings visually with her exceptional artistic ability since May of 2015. A Graphic Recording Artist and Facilitator, Brittany Curry is the Owner of InkyBrittany. Her visioning work involves drawing meetings as they occur as a way to better represent what’s being said and create a visual piece for participants to refer back to when considering their long-term plans and goals.

While Brittany’s work is mostly done live, she creates work for the digital realm as well. Most recently, Brittany collaborated with local author, Dr. Melissa Grattias on her nationally acclaimed, downloadable children’s book Captain Corona and the 19 COVID Warriors. Click HERE for the download link.

On Tuesday, July 7, Brittany will celebrate five years in business with a special art show featuring new work at The Sentient Bean. Click HERE for the DoSavannah article and for more details on the time.