#GoodNews: Creative Coast partners with Career Karma to Reskill America

A few years back, there was this group of 3 great guys that would come to a lot of the events I threw at ATDC in Atlanta. Be it a hackathon or social happy hour, holiday party for charity, they were always acting like a part of the team versus the guests they actually were. They got the startup bug bad and moved to Silicon Valley.

Today, they are the founders of Career Karma, a Y-Combinator Graduate and Kapor Foundation backed organization. It is their mission to diversify tech.

They have launched the “Reskill America” Campaign.  They reached out to the Creative Coast because they don’t want Savannahians to be left out of the project.  We are partnering to get word out about the Program.

They are giving away chromebooks to adults who want to learn to code and prepare for the “Great Re-hiring”.  Full details at: https://careerkarma.com/reskill-america

This is not a free ride. There will be lots of work to do. But, they are specifically seeking people from low-income communities, women, and people of color.

Accepted individuals will, then, be paired with an online coding bootcamp.  These bootcamps (and Career Karma) get paid when the individual graduates and is successfully placed with a Tech Company. So, there is no up front cost to many of these programs; but, you have to be willing to do the work.

In addition, Career Karma is focused on making sure that you successfully make the transition into tech.  Individuals can get full details about the requirements to get the laptop at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16IJEe63Wka4Q7Rnwq9IJ0rLA5IdblPRTZOpfCKFeACs/edit