#GoodNews: Creative Coast Open for New Members

COVID-19 has forces many businesses to change their business models and operating procedures. That is true for the Creative Coast, as well. I’ve tried to document our journey through our CC blog and my Savannah Morning News Articles.

Mid-March, the Creative Coast removed it’s membership options, closed its physical location, moved all programs online and made everything free. (For more info on that decision see: https://www.savannahnow.com/opinion/20200401/creative-coast-column-shift-your-mindset-from-fear-to-service).

As of May 24, we re-opened our space to Members Only. (For more info on that decision see: https://www.savannahnow.com/business/20200527/creative-coast-column-were-open-for-business—sort-of)

And today, we are allowing new members to join the Creative Coast.

Now, this doesn’t mean we are 100% open. There are NO WALK-INS.

Our physical location is only open to members who have reserved a workstation or conference room ahead of time, and for prospective members, who have schedule an appointment with staff ahead of time.

New members will go through an application process, interview with a staff member and pledge to abide by our membership & COVID-19 policies.

Learn more about membership here: http://thecreativecoast.org/community/join

Schedule a meeting w/ a Staff Member here: https://calendly.com/jeninsavannah

Members can book a desk or conference room at: https://the-creative-coast.cobot.me