#GoodNews: Creative Coast Member TACKLing COVID-19 Testing Challenges for Businesses & Schools

TACKL is a full service solution in the fight against Covid-19. TACKL is a Savannah-based company formed as Covid-19 took hold on the world. It’s founders saw the confusion businesses and schools faced as they began to navigate these waters. The number of products on the market is overwhelming. Creating a strategic plan in the face of ever-changing preparedness guidelines is frustrating at best. They realized the need for an organization to pool the best products and resources to give businesses their best shot at tackling Covid-19. 

With combined backgrounds in healthcare, education, and hospitality- and with support from top legal, purchasing, and HR minds, TACKL was born as the solution for the private and education sector. 

What can TACKL do for you?

TACKL Provides:

  • Thermal cameras
  • Employee, student and customer self-certification tools
  • Covid-19 and Antibody Rapid Tests
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), hand sanitizer, and cleaning supplies
  • Signage
  • CDC best practices training (both virtual and in-person options)
  • Ongoing support and data collection

While each of these items can be purchased individually, they are best served as a complete package for businesses and schools. TACKL works to ensure that organizations are taking the necessary steps and precautions to be prepared in the continued fight against Covid-19. 

They offer two types of tests – both run immediately but their result times differ:

1. Covid-19 Screening/Antibody Rapid Test.

This is a screening tool based on a combination of antibodies a person does/does not have that can be used to assess whether someone does not have Covid-19, if they had it in the past, or if they may currently be infected. We get the results in 10-15 minutes.

2. Covid-19 Diagnostic Rapid Test.

This is used with our physician to diagnose cases of Covid-19. They get those results in about 24 hours.

Check out TACKL at http://www.tackl.us