#Good News: Candor USA launches new low cost Healthcare options to those most in need.

The fifteenth floor of Novel Co-work at 2 E. Bryan Street was eerily quiet for a Friday afternoon (March 20, 2020) as employees of Candor USA, Savannah’s fastest growing healthcare technology startup, were heeding CDC guidelines and working remotely.

But that doesn’t mean Candor’s team wasn’t working hard. In fact, this past weekend, it was all hands-on deck as Candor USA was working overtime to release RightNowSolutions.care, a quick and cost-effective healthcare coverage solution.

Candor USA is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company for healthcare insurance wholesalers, agencies and brokers. Candor established its corporate office in Savannah in 2018 and are active members of The Creative Coast community. Their newest product offering provides affordable healthcare insurance for individuals and families. These plans are ideal for hospitality and logistics workers, the members most at risk in our community during this trying time.

“In unfamiliar and frightening times like we are experiencing; it is all the more important that we give assistance in any way we can. At Candor, our mission is ‘To be the Healthcare Companion of all Americans’. And we mean it,” stated Bob Shinn, CEO of Candor USA.

According to Shinn, Candor’s new health insurance platform, RightNowSolution.care, offers two coverage options:
• Immediate Solution, a $0 copay plan for $34.95 per adult per month; legal dependents are covered for free.
• Right Now Solution starting at $194 per month per person over 16 years of age, and $45 per month per legal dependent under 15 years of age.

The Right Now Solution includes a deductible of $12,500 or less, out-of-pocket expenses (after deductible) of $5000 or less, and co-insurance of 70/30 or better. Both options offer remote healthcare services such as Telemedicine and Confidential Counseling, as well as valuable cost-saving features including Medical Bill Save and Health Advocacy. Both options only require a semi-annual commitment.

Nick Palumbo, Alderman for District 4 in Savannah, shared his thoughts: “In these rapidly evolving times, we’re seeing local companies innovate and rise to the occasion. The City of Savannah is proud to host healthcare pioneers like Candor who are offering groundbreaking healthcare options to meet people’s needs.”

Candor’s newest offerings will be available March 26 2020. Individuals can then access RightNowSolution.care to enroll.