Junior Achievement Center at Georgia Southern to open in 2022

The Discovery Centers are set up to mimic “main street” with every type of businesses in the center – retail, restaurants, banks, service providers. Middle School students from the area will be able to come in and “run” these businesses teaching them customer service, communication AND financial skills that they will take with them into adult life, and that I believe, will create the NEXT generation of entrepreneurs that help Savannah thrive.

– Jen Bonnett in her article covering the announcement of the JA Colonial Group Discovery Center

In September 2020, Junior Achievement and Georgia Southern University announced that they will collaborate to open a Junior Achievement Discovery Center on the Armstrong Campus. Last month on February 19th, ceremonial groundbreaking took place on the new Junior Achievement Business School on Georgia Southern’s Armstrong Atlantic campus in Savannah.

Colonial Group will sponsor the renovations and launch at $2m, and the name of Savannah’s Junior Achievement Center will be the JA Colonial Group Discovery Center. The 25,000 square foot center, a former student recreation center, will feature a green space in the center with 18 storefront replications where students can simulate running businesses and all of the responsibilities that come along with it.

The Discovery Center is expected to open in early 2022. To learn more about the sponsors, capital campaign, types of programs, and benefits of the JA Colonial Group Discovery Center on the community read Balfour Beatty’s coverage here: