Georgia Southern BIG to Host BIGXange on Business Growth with Kassidy Evon

Georgia Southern BIG will host BIGXange (pronounced Exchange) on Tuesday, December 13th, and Thursday, December 15th. The  event on the 13th will take place at Statesboro BIG located at 58 E. Main Street in Statesboro, and the event on the 15th will take place at GGIC Metter located 25 S. Terrel inMetter. Both sessions will happen from 3:00pm to 5:00pm.

BIGXange is a monthly gathering for training, information sharing, and tactical tips.  This brand-new program was designed to give you skills that you can use immediately. Join to explore new ways to grow your business. This program is open to all incubator members as a collaborative workshop and discussion. What’s working for you? Come to learn, share and network!


Kassidy Evon

Kassidy Evon, Principal Strategist/Owner Primetivity Solutions Business Strategy Consulting Firm

Are you looking to grow your business, but don’t know where to start?

Join us to discover what should be measured and why.

Feel free to bring sample reports or e-mail them in advance to us.

Request a free consultation with strategy consultant, Ms. Kassidy Evon to discover the health of your business and practical advice on next steps.


  • Discover the five most important numbers to prove your business is growing.
  • Learn how to leverage numbers to drive profits.
  • Determine what you should stop doing.
  • Uncover how to focus on efficiency and productivity to gain results.


  • Founders & Owner/Operators
  • Small business owners/employees who handle operations
  • Anyone who likes to learn new skills!


  • Complimentary with your BIG/GGIC membership.
  • NO RSVP required, come as you are.
  • Bring a friend!



A message from Georgia Southern BIG: We want to remind you that YOU are making a difference in our ecosystem and to our local economy. We want to support your efforts, encourage your growth and build your business. What will be amazing about this program is that you are very much in the center of how this program grows and evolves. You will shape the direction and topics based on your needs.