Entrepreneurship Event in Brunswick Targets Children with Big Business Dreams  

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What do you do after spending 36 years as an educator? While some would take a well-deserved break, Freda Johnson is doubling down on her commitment to elementary education with her latest adventure, Sunday Funday for Future Entrepreneurs. 

The upcoming event is set to take place on November 5th at the Mary Ross Waterfront Park in Brunswick. The goal of the event? To encourage, inspire, and motivate youth to start envisioning themselves as rising entrepreneurs.

Brunswick Sunday Funday for youth in 2022.

Youth learn how to make their own cupcakes at a previous Sunday Funday event.

“Many of our youth struggle to find purpose and direction in today’s fast-paced world,” explains Johnson. “The traditional ‘Mom and Pop’ shops, emblematic of personal ingenuity and community connection, have become unfamiliar concepts to many children. It is crucial to reintroduce young minds to the notion that businesses can be born from a single, innovative idea.”

Johnson is based in Brunswick, an area she says is full of untapped opportunities for local youth. Her mission is to show children how their talents can be used to make their dreams become real. How does she plan to do this at Sunday Funday?

During the event youth wlll experience a variety of interactive sessions led by seasoned entrepreneurs, where they can discover skills and strategies for launching their own businesses. Afterward, they’ll have the opportunity to create their own products through hands-on activities. Activity stations will include media technology book giveaways, Home Depot crafts, jewelry making, pottery with Glynn Visual Arts, painting with clay, resin design, paper crafts, designer bookmarks, ornament design, abstract art, and more.   

“I aim to ignite the spark of creativity within each child,” Johnson says. “Whether it be selling homemade lemonade, cultivating plants from their grandparents’ garden, or crafting unique jewelry, they will learn that their talents and passions can be transformed into viable businesses.” 

Register for the free Sunday Funday for Entrepreneurs happening November 5th at the Mary Ross Waterfront Park in Brunswick at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sunday-funday-for-future-entrepreneurs-tickets-673723253387?aff=oddtdtcreator

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