Entrepreneur’s Night ft. Rob Lingle of Oak.Works…

Watch to learn about Rob Lingle and Steve Ross‘ journey to Cofounding Oak.Works for a transparent “look” at entrepreneurship and growing a business.


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In a virtual edition of Entrepreneurs Night, Rob Lingle, co-founder of Savannah-based software company Oak Works, shared insights into the company’s journey amidst the challenges of 2020.

Key Points:

  1. Background: Rob, a Savannah native and Georgia Tech alum, discussed his 12-year tenure with a Department of Defense contractor, setting the stage for Oak Works.

  2. Formation of Oak Works: Rob and co-founder Steve joined forces to address inefficiencies in local companies’ processes, initially focusing on custom software solutions.

  3. Co-founder Dynamics: Rob highlighted their distinct roles, with Steve handling design, and Rob managing engineering and administrative aspects. The duo acknowledged the challenges of marketing.

  4. Pandemic Pivot: Oak Works adapted to the changing landscape by shifting towards e-commerce solutions. Collaborations with Kelly Tours showcased the company’s resilience.

  5. Team Structure: A compact team of four, Oak Works blends W2 and 1099 employees, with thoughts on scalability and a future focus on product-oriented work.

  6. Challenges and Adaptations: The discussion touched on the impact of COVID-19, emphasizing the need to nurture a remote team and adapt to evolving client industries.

  7. Success Definition: Rob’s definition of success centered on the satisfaction of working in a small, efficient team passionate about creating software.

  8. Tech Landscape in Savannah: As Savannah aims to establish itself as a tech hub, Oak Works’ story contributes to the narrative of innovation and growth in the region.

“Oak Works: Navigating Tech Entrepreneurship in Savannah” provides a concise overview of the challenges, adaptations, and successes of a local tech company, offering insights into the dynamic world of software development amidst a global pandemic.