Effingham County’s Youngest STEM Genius Launches Her Fundraising Campaign

Launching a brand new campaign through Indiegogo, 11-year-old Alaina Davis, owner of STEM Powered Kits, is back making headlines. “I’m really excited that the pre-seed round of crowdfunding for STEM Powered Kits has officially launched!,” Alaina shares, In a little over two weeks we have raised $3,500 with the help of over 60 supportive backers,” she added. 

In April of this year, The Creative Coast wrote about the launch of STEM Powered Kits, a company that sells curated science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) kits paired with complementary instructional videos. Flash forward five months, where Alaina’s dream of wanting her “company to make science and STEM more fun for every age group” is flourishing and now you have the opportunity to back her up.

 In the short time since Alaina and her mother Zakiya Brown launched this campaign on Aug 13, 2021, STEM Powered Kits already has over 60 backers from all over the world. Alaina mentioned that recently they “had a STEM teacher from Jerusalem, Israel donate to the campaign!”

If you would like to become a backer and help Alaina reach her goal, visit her Indiegogo website, found here.  There you will get the chance to view Alaina’s full campaign, support her and her company with your donations, and follow along on her journey. As an incentive to fund Alaina’s STEM Powered Kits through Indiegogo you can purchase 12 of her STEM learning kits for 30% off the original price. When asked what the support means to her, Alaina simply replies,  “The support really confirms that there is an apparent need for my STEM Kits and people believe in my company.”

In addition to backer support, STEM Powered Kits is partnered with Decatur Makers. “They were our first partnership, Alaina shares. ”For every seven kits sold, we donate one kit back to a child in the community.” And she’s not stopping there! Alaina told me her goal is “to get STEM Powered Kits to as many school and non-profit organizations as possible.” 

Alaina Davis is the 11-year-old founder of STEM Powered Kits


And Alaina is starting with a school that’s close to her heart: Donor Choose and Georgia Cyber Academy. “This is the school I attend where I am a sixth-grader,” Alaina said with a smile. She went on to explain the concept behind the Donors Choose school and how STEM Powered Kits play into it. “Donors Choose is a nonprofit classroom funding site for public school teachers. Educators from every corner of America create classroom project requests and donors can give any amount to the project that inspires them. Our products will be listed in their catalog!” 

The bubbly, but serious-minded pre-teen, added, “And not only that, I was happy to hear that Georgia Cyber Academy will be hosting a community event on September 20 in Atlanta where students will get the chance to use our STEM Powered Kits.”  


To learn more about STEM Powered Kits, visit Alaina’s website: https://www.stempoweredkits.com/. Back her fundraising campaign on Indiegogo here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/stem-powered-kits-learning-boxes