Do You Need a Personal Brand Tune-up?

Your personal brand is your greatest and most unique asset in business and helps you establish your expertise, elevate your value to gain opportunities & authentically attract & convert clients. When was the last time you had a personal brand tune-up? Just like you can’t drive a vehicle endlessly without maintenance, you also need to make sure your personal brand is properly maintained and aligned with your professional & personal goals.

In the hustle and bustle of doing business entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and the like can often neglect their personal brand resulting in some fundamental issues that can erode the foundations of their business, performance, and confidence. In this training, Victoria will outline the 3 C’s of personal branding to help you “tune up” your personal brand so you can maximize your impact, visibility, and income to gain the success you desire.

About Victoria:

Victoria Baylor is passionate about helping High Achieving Individuals “convert their Brilliance into Impact and Profits”. Victoria is a Certified Mindset & Business Clarity Coach, TEDx Speaker, Teacher, Consultant, and #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author. Her purpose of helping entrepreneurs & professionals get unstuck and gain CLARITY to create a Brilliant Brand and Life intersects with her strong analytical, intuitive & creative abilities from a background in Microbial Research science & Custom Clothing design. She has been an Image professional and Business owner for 14 years. Victoria founded Baylor Brand Consulting ( – a personal development and branding boutique that helps high-functioning individuals get clear on WHO they ARE & the VALUE they offer so they can S.H.I.N.E. (Showcase their Brand Expertise, Highlight their Unique Value, Ignite their Dynamic Confidence, Never Back Down from Fear, Expect Maximum Compensation). As a professional speaker she can be found sharing her clarity, mindset & branding messages with business organizations, colleges, social groups, and charities. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs build a strong mindset and unwavering personal brand that allows them to uniquely see their value, expand their visibility, elevate their opportunities, and make a huge impact on their businesses and the world. Victoria serves on various boards, volunteer groups, and other business organizations. She resides in Savannah GA and is the Wife to Jimmy and Mom to 13y.o. Reilly.