Alternative Money Mondays: A Cryptocurrency Podcast Feeds the Crypto-Curious

The Creative Coast has teamed up with DLT (Distributed Ledger Technologies) Sandwich: A Cryptocurrency Podcast for their weekly podcast that focuses on Hedera Hashgraph’s HBAR. This week, the Creative Coast had the opportunity to speak with the podcast’s founder, Jeremy Fletcher, to discuss what the show covers, who else is involved, and how you can tune in to the next episode.

DLT Sandwich, which now goes by Alternative Money Mondays, covers a variety of topics related to cryptocurrency including market news, HBAR news, updates on the cryptocurrency community, and more. Common sub-topics include crypto appreciation/depreciation, weekly market analysis, weekly HBAR updates, and general news about the ecosystem. According to Fletcher, the podcast aims to strike a casual, yet informative tone that’s beneficial to all users of cryptocurrency regardless of experience level. “We ultimately want the podcast to offer a little bit of everything to a lot of people,” said Fletcher. 

Alongside hosting the Alternative Money Mondays podcast, Fletcher is the co-founder of Ledgerama, which invented the digital crypto wallet for the HBAR called Wallawallet. While Fletcher appears in the show each week, every episode also highlights a variety of new, established, and informed voices in the cryptocurrency community. Fletcher co-hosts the show alongside Brandon “the HBAR Bull” and Tim Mungai. Brandon “the HBAR Bull” is a well-known Youtube influencer in the cryptocurrency world and a longtime user of Wallawallet. Mungai, who lives in Kenya, was also an early adopter of WallaWallet and helps Fletcher with social media related to Ledgerama and the podcast.

It’s not unusual for the podcast to host additional community members either. Other guests on the podcast include members of the HBAR Foundry, an HBAR community that has been holding digital meetings on a weekly basis since 2020.

Fletcher also shared that Alternative Money Mondays recently received a development grant, which means that listeners will soon see improvements from the podcast in the coming months. “We’re going to have access to more resources which will give us the ability to improve user interface and user experience,” said Fletcher. “We’re also going to be supporting NFTs (non-fungible tokens) for artists and merchants, so stay tuned.”

Not only are big changes on the way to the podcast, but listeners of the podcast have a chance at winning cryptocurrency every week. For those interested in tuning in to the next episode, Alternative Money Mondays airs every Monday at 12 p.m. EDT. Check out The Creative Coast’s event calendar for links to the live show, visit Ledgerama on Youtube for recordings of each episode, and follow Wallawallet on Twitter for giveaway updates.

Watch the latest episode here…


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