Creative Coast Savannah Morning News column: We’re open for business – sort of

By Jen Bonnett for the Savannah Morning News

Posted May 27, 2020 at 7:00 PM   

The Creative Coast has a beautiful office at 2 East Bryan St., on the first floor of the Novel Co-work Building on Johnson Square. We use the space to teach workshops and conduct coaching sessions with entrepreneurs. We also allow Creative Coast members to use the space and conference rooms during normal business hours. On any given week, pre-COVID, we might have 20-30 people in and out of our office space and we can accommodate workshops of up to around 40 people. Each week would bring four to eight social or educational events.

Since March 16, we’ve essentially been closed due to COVID-19. Shutting down was a really easy decision, even before the city and state’s shelter in place orders. We did the math: In a 24-hour window on March 11-12, I met with 14 people in person, mostly in The Creative Coast offices. And that was a typical day. I quickly imagined The Creative Coast being the patient zero of Savannah as a hot spot. Decision made, we closed our office.

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