Creative Coast for Savannah Morning News: We are still in a pandemic and economic crisis – but it’s also a good time to start a tech business

By Jen Bonnett for Savannah Morning News

Published on on Friday, January 22, 2021

Yes, we are still in a pandemic and an economic crisis. Yes, we are experiencing a tremendous amount of social unrest. And yes, it is the perfect time to launch a new business, especially a pandemic resistant tech or tech enabled business.

Many very successful businesses have started during trying economic times. Microsoft was founded during the oil embargo recession (1973 to 1975). Mailchimp was launched in 2001, the middle of the dot com crash. Uber and AirBNB were both founded during the Great Recession (2007-2009).

The pandemic has ushered in a wave of digital transformation in every industry. In a Forrester Report on why now is a great time to launch a new innovation, highly respected industry analyst James Staten stated, “Transformational times like this create opportunities to disrupt traditional market moves that are falling short and craft net-new services that extend your firm’s value.”

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