Creating a Red Velvet Rope Policy & Never Have Another Bad Day at Work ft. Jaime Blair

There are some people we are meant to serve—others, not so much.

The Red Velvet Rope Policy is a filtration system that allows in only your ideal clients. Clients who energize you and inspire you, and most importantly, clients who allow you to do your best work.

In this Lunchtime Topic, we sat down with Jaime Blair to talk about how she’s built a successful freelance business and only works with clients she enjoys collaborating with as a writing coach, copywriter, and copy editor.

In our chat with Jaime, she explained…

  • what the Red Velvet Rope Policy is specifically and why solopreneurs need it.
  • how to identify the best Red Velvet Rope Policy for a business
  • how to attract your ideal clients based on your own policy
  • how to “offload” or dump the bad clients
  • common red flags everyone can look out for when interviewing a potential client

Watch and listen here below!

About Jaime: Jaime Blair helps entrepreneurs and small business owners create powerful personal brands so they can attract more ideal clients, even if they hate marketing and selling. Jaime has been working with small businesses for over a decade, showing them how to communicate their value with passion, confidence, and precision. She’s a Book Yourself Solid® Licensed Professional, and only works with clients whose birthday she wants on her calendar. Let’s see if yours is one of them.

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