Combating FEAR in the workplace: Utilizing psychological skills to enhance optimal mindsets

With over 30 years of combined experience as a professor and performance enhancement consultant, Dr. Dan Czech has taught, consulted with, observed, and interviewed thousands of people in various disciplines across the world. During that time he has seen the traits, characteristics, and attitudes of both highly successful people and those who have not met their goals. For anyone looking to achieve their personal or career goals or improve their quality of life, No Fear is for you. No Fear will teach you to approach life without fear, relentlessly and optimistically work towards your goals, embrace challenges, respond to setbacks, enjoy life, and ultimately to achieve the type of success we all desire.

About Dr. Czech:

Dr. Daniel Czech is an Associate Dean and Professor in the College of Health Sciences at Georgia College. Daniel earned his PhD in Performance Psychology at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He has published over 90 peer review manuscripts, 4 books, 5 books chapters and has given over 100 peer review presentations around the World. More recently, Daniel was awarded the researcher of the year and first year professor of the year awards at Georgia Southern University.