#GoodNews: ‘Coastal Georgia Voter’ App to Help Locals Better Understand Candidates

Savannah’s David London wanted to help locals better understand who the candidates running for upcoming elections in the region are, so he created the Coastal Georgia Voter app. The app covers Bryan and Chatham counties currently, and is open to covering more coastal counties based on demand.

The three main features include

  • ‘Upcoming Elections’ Button – When clicked on this displays all of the upcoming elections in the counties of coverage. Each election can be clicked on with a breakdown of the district the election is based on and a list of the candidates running for the position.
  • ‘Candidates’ Button – This section includes a list of candidates running across all elections and a search bar to quickly find a candidate based on name, county, district, election, etc.
  • ‘Helpful’ Links – The last button features links to help you better understand the election, process and other government links.

Within the app, London states that the app is a “work-in-progress.” He welcomes feedback on the homepage of the app, where you can also notify him if you would like your county included on the app.

Click HERE to be redirected the the ‘Coastal Georgia Voter’ app now.