Clean Energy Roadshow Showcases the Future of Sustainable Transportation in Georgia

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The Georgia Clean Energy Roadshow, now in its 13th annual edition, took place recently, bringing together industry leaders, government officials, and community representatives to explore the latest advancements in sustainable transportation. Organized by Event Energy Partners and Clean Cities Georgia, this educational series, hosted by PSC Vice Chairman Tim Echols, featured four tour stops in Savannah, Augusta, Peachtree City, and Albany, where attendees had the opportunity to witness groundbreaking technologies in action.

Kicking off the series at the Savannah Civic Center, the roadshow journeyed through various locations, including the Georgia Cyber Innovation Center in Augusta and Rinnai Innovation Center in Peachtree City, and concluded at HBCU Albany State University. Each half-day event catered to fleet operators, local government officials, industry professionals, and MPOs, providing valuable insights and networking opportunities.

One of the highlights of this year’s roadshow was the impressive display of cutting-edge vehicles powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), electricity, and propane. Attendees had the chance to witness firsthand the Blue Bird EV School bus, the Blue Bird Vision™ Propane bus, and the Thomas-Built Jouley™. These vehicles showcased the tremendous potential of sustainable transportation in school systems, with $5 billion in federal funding available for such initiatives.

The event also featured other notable vehicles, including the NEV Club Car™ Cru and LSV Club Car™ Urban electric fleet vehicles from DeKalb County and Old Town Trolley in Savannah. Additionally, the 2023 KIA EV6 All-Electric Crossover, Peterbilt 220EV medium-duty truck, and Kenworth T880 NGV graced the exhibits, captivating attendees with their innovative design and eco-friendly features.

Throughout the roadshow, several partners played a crucial role in presenting these advancements to the audience. Georgia-based headline partners, such as Blue Bird, KIA, Club Car, Georgia Power, and Atlanta Gas Light, joined forces with Alliance Autogas, Peterbilt Trucks of Atlanta, MHC Kenworth, Propane Education and Research Council, Chateau Energy Solutions, and the Georgia Department of Transportation to create an impressive collaborative effort.

Beyond showcasing vehicles, the series delved into other crucial aspects of sustainable transportation. A lunch and learn seminar accompanied each event, providing valuable insights into federal and utility funding programs for public Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. Participants learned about the evolving opportunities within Georgia’s flourishing EV ecosystem and the potential for job growth in this sector.

Furthermore, the roadshow dedicated a segment to Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) projects, presented by Chesapeake Utilities and the Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia. These projects highlighted the immense benefits of harnessing renewable energy sources in landfills, poultry farms, and dairy farms. Another intriguing topic covered was Smart Agriculture, with Albany State University offering a glimpse into the latest alt-fuel farming technologies and their positive impact on sustainable agriculture.

The Georgia Clean Energy Roadshow succeeded in its mission to educate, inspire, and connect individuals passionate about sustainable transportation. By bringing together industry leaders, government officials, and community representatives, this event served as a platform for collaboration and exploration, fostering a brighter and greener future for Georgia’s transportation landscape.