The New Creative South is a place that honors the homegrown hustle. Savannah’s history is full of entrepreneurs – people who’ve made something out of nothing. From startups that grew into game-changers to innovators and civic leaders who pave the way for the future, Savannah is a vibrant hub for creative and innovative businesses, organizations, and individuals.

Why Savannah? 

Savannah is part of the new creative south, a place where the past and present collide into the perfect place to call home. Music, art, film, technology, culture and hometown pride, Savannah offers plenty to those willing to call it home.

  • 60,000 college students in the area
  • 38,000 miles of fiber optic, 2nd only to Atlanta
  • 80 miles of coastline
  • 44 park and squares
  • Home to largest design school in the US
  • Largest Historic district in the US
  • Over 52 festivals each year ranging from the Jewish food festival, to Black Heritage to the Savannah Music Festival
  • Voted one of the “World’s 30 Friendliest Cities” by Condé Nast
  • A community engaged in creative and  innovative endeavors that cultivates an environment in which its citizens can thrive.

In recent years, the city’s signature lifestyle and focus on environmental stewardship has attracted $6 billion in foreign direct investment. Now, Savannah is turning our attention to technology. We’re leading the way into the future – and pioneering a model for other cities to follow.



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You can't find a better place to live.  And we couldn't possibly give justice to it any better then our partners at  the Savannah Chamber of Commerce and Visit Savannah.  Check out some of their guides:


Things to Do

Relocation Guide

We are actively seeking experienced Creative and Technology workers to come and "work remote" in Savannah.  Y'all come and we'll even reimburse your moving expenses up to $2000.  (Note: you will have to keep receipts, provide proof of residency and commit to staying for 2 years.)

If you are seeking work in our area, check out our new Job Board and Talent Platform at

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Come join us in creating a vibrant, inclusive technology community in Savannah!

More on the incentives on the Savannah Economic Development Authority (SEDA) website.

We have a ton of programs & partners to help you get started on your entrepreneurial journey:

The Creative Coast and Savannah Economic Development Authority (SEDA) are here to support scaling creative technology startup companies.

We seek to connect local (and relocating companies) to customers, talent (through, and investment capital.

Relocating companies may apply to SEDA for facility rental assistance grant.

Companies that launch in Savannah or relocate to Savannah, and scale by adding at least 5 high wage creative technology employees in a single year, may apply to SEDA for a High Wage Job Creation grant.

These grants are non-dilutive (you don't have to pay them back), and you can potentially earn up to $100,000 for your company.

For a downloadable pdf on these incentives, click here.