From Chicago to Savannah:  A Great Move

This week’s blog is from Dave Racicot, a true entrepreneur who’s willing to jump in feet first and help others reach their dreams.  For those who have not already met Dave, he’s the guy in the room with big ideas and a big smile.  Read on as Dave shares some first impressions of his new hometown and the new people (like you) he’s meeting around town.  FYI – The Creative Coast’s blogspot is Savannah’s sounding board for local thinkers, innovators, wanderers and wonders. Guest bloggers share their thoughts, opinions and creative noodling from all over the map…  

When you move across the country, there are all sorts of things one has to consider, from housing, schooling, getting your items here, and as an entrepreneur, how will my businesses function when I arrive in my new hometown? To say the least, my nerves were only starting to spike as I was making the drive in early August from Chicago to Savannah.   To say the thought “How is this going to work?” ran through my head a million times is a mild understatement.

Choosing Savannah was easy: there is a thriving creative class, people are friendly, the weather is great (sans two tropical storms and a hurricane in our first two months of living here!), and the city is historical yet has an eye on moving forward.  The decision to relocate was made more from my heart than my head as Savannah simply felt like it would be a nice place to be our home. As I began reaching out and started meeting people, it affirmed my decision to move here.  Everyone I’ve met has been open, welcome, collaborative and helpful with their experiences here. I have been able to meet other entrepreneurs to help mentor some of their businesses or just be a sounding board for what has been keeping them up at night, a feeling which all entrepreneurs can relate. I am very grateful to The Creative Coast, they are really an amazingly helpful and nimble group who are passionate about taking Savannah to the next level. Their 1 Million Cups meetings on Wednesday are vibrant and refreshing, powered by a positive intent by all attending to be helpful and encouraging to their fellow entrepreneurs. The ideas being discussed at these meetups are turning into businesses in our community, which in turn will be drivers of positive economic benefit for all.  Everyone can support that kind of activity! I happen to own two spirits brands, Thatcher’s Organic Spirits and Brown Jug Spirits, so Savannah with its thriving culinary and entertaining culture is a perfect fit for us.  And a tip of the hat to Habersham Beverage and Largo Beverage for adding our products to their stores…that’s the true neighborly spirit! We enjoy walking to dinner, meeting new friends at fantastic local spots, and simply admiring downtown Savannah. We truly adore our new hometown. If you’re considering moving your business or starting one, Savannah is a pretty special place. I am glad I listened to my heart and am very happy to now be part of the local community who will be the economic drivers of the next generation. Dave]]>

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