CEISMC and Georgia Tech-Savannah’s code.org professional development training successfully comes to a close for 2020

“We were getting teams of teachers from the same schools signing up for these workshops, and we know that helps when educators are trying to implement curriculum like this at schools. You do not want a teacher alone in a ‘silo,’ trying to handle the introduction of this material all by themselves. It is great when they have support from co-workers. We had 20 teachers from one school, and other schools – predominantly in the Chatham County area – who registered four or five teachers each.” – Timothy Cone, Georgia Tech-Savannah’s CEISMC Program Director 

To read the full article, visit Georgia Tech Professional Education website here: https://pe.gatech.edu/blog/bringing-computer-science-savannahs-classrooms?fbclid=IwAR0RWhohGjTb6islID8VsOf_C32GNkZuyC5u86N2uNA3tUYlDRJXtj80AJM