How to Make Your Business More Environmentally-Conscious & Lessen Its Carbon Footprint ft. Katie Rodgers-Hubbard

Katie Rodgers-Hubbard joined us to chat about how all businesses can become more environmentally friendly and lessen their carbon footprint. Katie is the founder and owner of Lite Foot Company, Georgia’s first refillery. Through her company, Katie aims to make the sustainable lifestyle journey less overwhelming and simpler for others.

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The Design & Creative Checklist for Starting a New Business ft. Thomas Smith

In this Lunchtime Topic, we’ll discuss the easiest and most cost-effective ways to accomplish your startup brand guide. Startups need a good design foundation to set the tone for their brand. The difference between a good design and a bad design is your customers seeing you as a multi-million dollar empire vs. joe schmo’s garage business. Establishing your identity the right way at the offset will save you expensive changes in the future.

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Why Resolutions Fail & How To Achieve Lasting, Fulfilling Results ft. Shannon James

The estimate is that less than 10% of New Year’s resolutions are actually achieved. And many goal-setting processes used in the professional world have similarly dismal outcomes. During this Lunchtime Topic, we’ll speak with Shannon James, Owner of Shannon James LLC and certified Success Coach and Project Management Professional, to discuss proven strategies to achieve lasting results on what’s most important to you this year.

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Resume-Ready & Professional Polishing with the Top Tier Business Executive in Mind ft. Jordan Riles

This Lunchtime Topic is an opportunity for business leaders to ensure their resumes are still up-to-date. Even business owners should be ready for any contracts that may become available or interest them. Speaker Jordan Riles will also help attendees and listeners polish their business etiquette to include proper introductions, LinkedIn, and professional protocol.

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Creating a Red Velvet Rope Policy & Never Have Another Bad Day at Work ft. Jaime Blair

The Red Velvet Rope Policy is a filtration system that allows in only your ideal clients. Clients who energize you and inspire you, and most importantly, clients who allow you to do your best work. Because two things happen when you’re doing your best work:

1. People are talking about your best work—and that’s the most powerful marketing in the world.
2. You will love almost every minute of the work you do. If you love almost every minute of the work you do, you will want to do more of it. And if you want to do more of it, guess what? Marketing and selling become fun and natural, and you’ll be a magnet for awesome clients..

Watch for tools and inspiration to define and create your own Red Velvet Rope policy, so you can only work with clients who you want to have a drink with (instead of the ones who drive you to drink).

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How I Turned My Service-Based Business Into a Digital Product ft. Caitlin Lindsey

_Brunchtime Topic ft. Caitlin Lindsey (2)

Have you been sitting on an online product idea, but aren’t sure how to get it going? Want to figure out how to set up a potential passive income stream that has you making money while you sleep? In this Brunchtime Topic, we talked with Caitlin Lindsey, Founder of Fit To Entertain, to learn how she launched her new online product Fit To Eat, plus how she is marketing it.

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Brenden DelaRua Presents Marketing Funnels to Keep Your Pipeline Full

You need a sound marketing strategy to keep your pipeline full of ideal clients. Marketing your creative services becomes an unwanted chore when you are too busy keeping up with your current workload. So how do you make your marketing funnel work for you? Brenden The Marketer will show you how to create a marketing funnel that is defined for your target audience even with all the outside influences that are affecting your marketing funnel every day.

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