Calling All HUSTLERS to Claim Their FREE Business Listing to MelaninPrenuers!

What’s better than exposure for your business? Free promotion for your business! MelaninPrenuers is “Supporting emerging and established black-owned businesses by increasing the amount of time the black dollars stay in the black community.”

By being involved with MelaninPrenuers, so many opportunities will arise for your business and get it the exposure that is so deserving of. They offer extensive resources and promotion for black-owned businesses, most popularly in Georgia, New York, Texas and California!

When you submit your business to their Black Business Directory viaThe Hustler package, a free listing option, you receive:
– Duration : Unlimited days
– Image Gallery
– Business Tagline
– Location
– Website
– Price Range
– Business Hours
– $35 to Apply for Grant

Requirements to Submit:

– Must be at least 51% Black-owned, and are selected based on their:
– Product/service offerings
– Packaging
– Current online ratings
– Social media followers
– Website design
– Years-in-business.

Requirements For Your Submission:

– Provide at least three images that represent your business.
– Include your company logo.
– Include a description about your business, not yourself.
– Include as much information about your business to increase the chances of your listing being approved.

To learn more about how to submit your listing click here.

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