Cadence Cash Equal Access Fund Announces $5K Grant Opportunity

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The Cadence Cash Equal Access Fund (CCEAF) has introduced the Cash Thrive Grant, which is a quarterly program targeted to aid small businesses that contribute to their communities. The Cadence Cash Equal Access Fund works to provide economic empowerment to underserved markets by offering strategic partnerships, grant programs, and financial services. 

The upcoming quarter starts on April 1st, 2024 and runs through April 31st, 2024. The Cash Thrive Grants offers $5,000 to help small businesses continue their remarkable work. To be considered for the grant your business must:

  • Have a demonstrated impact on its community, such as creating new jobs, innovating new products, or making products and services more accessible.
  • Be in operation for at least 1 year.
  • Generate revenue (Minimum annual revenue of $35,000 preferred).
  • Have a direct impact on underrepresented communities.
  • Be formed under United States law and operating within the United States.

The official rules and applications may be found here. If your business fits this criteria make sure to apply starting April 1st. This opportunity can help further the impact made on communities! 

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