Brenden DelaRua Presents Marketing Funnels to Keep Your Pipeline Full

You need a sound marketing strategy to keep your pipeline full of ideal clients. Marketing your creative services becomes an unwanted chore when you are too busy keeping up with your current workload. So how do you make your marketing funnel work for you?

Brenden The Marketer will show you how to create a marketing funnel that is defined for your target audience even with all the outside influences that are affecting your marketing funnel every day. Among other things, he will discuss:

  • The Phases Of The Marketing Funnel

  • Defining Your Marketing Funnel

  • How To Pivot Your Funnel When New Platforms Emerge

  • How You Can Utilize A Marketing Funnel Without Paid Ads

About the Speaker:

Brenden The Marketer is the founder of The Marketer, an online marketing blog and resource for business owners and marketers alike. Brenden is also a paid media buyer & digital advertiser, managing over $200,000 per month in ad-spend for the Big Sea marketing agency based out of St. Petersburg, FL.

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