Applications Are Open to the Big50 Startup Competition

The Big50 Startup Competition is now accepting applications from tech startups founded in 2014 or later. The competition was started by Jeff Vance, founder of Startup50, who set out in 2013 to improve the journalism economy. Following Startup50’s success, Big50 was born as a way to help startups gain traction, reach their goals and tackle real-world challenges.

According to Startup50’s website, this year’s Big50 will include a series of challenges for competitors, including “appealing to VCs, pitching irresistible stories, converting coverage to leads, and more.” The challenges will be revealed over the course of the year via the Startup50 newsletter. The cost for startups to compete in Big50 is free, and the competition itself is virtual so that startups anywhere can apply. Applications require basic information about the startup, a breakdown of the startup’s goals, and a brief answer about what specific problems the startup aims to solve.

The winners of Big50 will receive recognition in the 2022 Big50 Startup Report, an annual roundup of the top startups to look out for. This report is shared widely, including in Startup50’s newsletter. Winners of Big50 have gone on to gain investors, raise funding, and have their startups acquired by large companies like HP, Microsoft, and Facebook.

The deadline to apply for the Big50 Startup Competition is August 31st. For more information on competing in Big50 or nominating a startup, visit or apply via the entry form here

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