Resume-Ready & Professional Polishing with the Top Tier Business Executive in Mind ft. Jordan Riles

This Lunchtime Topic is an opportunity for business leaders to ensure their resumes are still up-to-date. Even business owners should be ready for any contracts that may become available or interest them. Speaker Jordan Riles will also help attendees and listeners polish their business etiquette to include proper introductions, LinkedIn, and professional protocol.

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160 Students Invited to Girls Engineer It Day, January 15

The Society of Women Engineers’ Girls Engineer It Day event is scheduled for January 15, 2022 at St. Andrew’s School on Wilmington Island. The local chapter of Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is making this annual event a fun experience for 160 Coastal Empire elementary, middle, and high school students. The science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) activities are designed to encourage involvement and create excitement about engineering.

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Gulfstream Hiring ULX Designer

User Learning Experience Design combines instructional design (ISD) and user experience (UX) design methods to create interactive, media-rich business communications and end user training content for business applications and software, with a key focus on a positive, targeted, self-guided learning experience that maximizes the effectiveness of a variety of learning methods.

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Green Badger, LLC Hiring a Marketing Support Specialist

Green Badger is looking to hire an energetic and ambitious Marketing Support Specialist to expand our capability to make sustainability simplified for the green construction industry. This is a full-time position. This position will work closely with the Marketing Operations Manager to develop creatives (print, digital, and video) to support marketing campaigns, create customer success resources, and amplify our communications outreach.

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SBDC StartSMART™ Virtual Program Begins January 18th

Whether you are a new business (in business 2 years or less), or are still in the planning phase, building a business takes the right tools—and a lot of hard work. SBDC StartSMART will equip you to be successful! This year’s program is tailored to being held virtually to facilitate virtual discussion, class engagement, & mastery of content. Participation in StartSMART will also allow access to online business planning software. The program is facilitated by specially trained SBDC consultants and a long-term relationship with the SBDC and follow-up consulting is available and encouraged.

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Creating a Red Velvet Rope Policy & Never Have Another Bad Day at Work ft. Jaime Blair

The Red Velvet Rope Policy is a filtration system that allows in only your ideal clients. Clients who energize you and inspire you, and most importantly, clients who allow you to do your best work. Because two things happen when you’re doing your best work:

1. People are talking about your best work—and that’s the most powerful marketing in the world.
2. You will love almost every minute of the work you do. If you love almost every minute of the work you do, you will want to do more of it. And if you want to do more of it, guess what? Marketing and selling become fun and natural, and you’ll be a magnet for awesome clients..

Watch for tools and inspiration to define and create your own Red Velvet Rope policy, so you can only work with clients who you want to have a drink with (instead of the ones who drive you to drink).

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