5 motivating Lunchtime Topics to keep you on track in 2021

The Creative Coast community is filled with bright minds who lend their years of experience and knowledge to help elevate the Savannah business community. Here are 5 of 2020’s topics to help you and your work move forward positively in the new year.

1. Learn to develop resiliency with these three essential elements and four habits

Shannon James is a certified Success Coach and a Project Management Professional (PMP) with active certification through the Project Management Institute. She helps leaders and companies survive and thrive in challenging times. Last spring, she presented on developing your personal resiliency skills.

In her topic, she shares that our views on adversity and stress determine whether or not we will overcome and find a way to succeed. Furthermore, she breaks down the three essential elements and four habits characteristic of resilient leaders.

2. Foster and leverage your unique personal brand with these three tried and true strategies

Have you narrowed down what sets your personal brand apart from the rest? You might be competing with thousands or millions of other people in your line of business, but your personality and overall image has the capability to distinguish you as a go-to product or service.

 In her summer lunchtime session, TEDx Speaker, Mindset & Brand Coach, and Amazon #1 Best Selling Author Victoria Baylor uncovered 3 strategies on how to use your personal brand more effectively to attract the visibility, clients, and revenue you desire.

3. Be proactive and take control of your business finances

Tanita Daniels, EA is the founding owner of StraightPoint Accounting Solutions LLC, a financial management company founded in 2018 that helps businesses, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs streamline their financial governance. She provides clients with outsourced bookkeeping and tax preparation services as well as financial systems management. 

When venturing out on your own and launching a business, keeping track of your business finances can seem overwhelming. In her end-of-year Lunchtime Topic, Tanita offers bookkeeping advice that should be and can be done on a monthly basis.

4. Work more effectively by learning how to prioritize your workload and stay on the same page as your team

Last fall, David Harper who is the owner and Managing Principal of The Advisory Alliance, taught us that appearances may be deceiving. From how we prioritize our workload to the setup of our organization, what a leader may feel is the right next step or decision could be wrong if it’s not rooted in what is actually proven to work. David taught us how to determine if something is urgent and important vs. important, but not urgent. He also shared how to manage teams, get feedback on what’s working in your company vs. what is not, and make sure everyone is working towards the same goal.

Over the last 17 years, David and The Advisory Alliance have worked with regional, national, and international clients, advising and coaching numerous leaders in a wide cross‐section of industries, companies, and organizations. 

5. Improve your productivity by improving your sleep cycle

Around 2:00pm in the afternoon, do you find yourself getting sleepy? You’re not alone! Many people hit a “dip” or that feeling of needing a nap at some point in our day. Understanding your circadian rhythms and when your personal circadian low (or your deep sleep time) typically occurs, will help you schedule your work day.

Dr. Pilczuk is a multi-award winning kinesiologist who specializes in human performance. She is a columnist for the Savannah Morning News and has authored numerous journal and magazine articles. She’s a highly sought after international speaker and consultant for Fortune 500 companies and has been featured in the Smithsonian magazine and on several TV and radio morning shows.

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