4 Fungi’s Regenerative to Bring $27 Million in Investment and 50 Jobs to Metter Area

It’s a pretty great time to be working in Candler County. Metter, specifically. 

4 Fungi’s Regenerative, a pioneering controlled environment agriculture and food production company, is planning to build a state-of-the-art greenhouse facility in the area. This is expected to bring more than $27 million in investments as well as create nearly 50 jobs. 

“We’re thrilled to be a part of the exciting innovative ag movement that’s being homegrown here in Georgia,” CEO Grant Anderson expressed in an August press release from the Georgia Department of Economic Development. “Our focus is on providing regional food that’s resilient to global market volatility, that nurtures the health of our communities and our soil, and that grows our local economy.”

Anderson and his team at 4 Fungi’s repurpose regional agricultural waste to cultivate mushrooms and transform mushroom byproducts into eco-friendly soil amendments, reducing waste and benefiting the environment. 

While this is a recently new venture Anderson will be leading, he’s familiar with having to get down and dirty when it comes to work. The CEO has also led Better Fresh Farms since 2016, a startup dedicated to growing leafy vegetables inside refrigerated shipping containers using hydroponic water systems. But his passion for food through agricultural innovation has been building for years.

“I had seen my grandpa and grandma feed people when I was growing up,” Anderson said in a previous Creative Coast interview. “And I saw the happiness that brought them. That’s been my driving force for the past five years. I still think there is value in what we’re doing.” 

The State of Georgia certainly agrees. Governor Brian Kemp commented on the announcement, saying “Georgia’s No. 1 industry remains strong and that exciting opportunities are coming to communities in every corner of the state.” 

Indeed, the impact of 4 Fungi’s Regenerative reaches far beyond the greenhouse walls; it’s a testament to the power of ingenuity and collaboration in building a brighter, more sustainable future for Georgia.

Those opportunities, of course, include jobs. Along with an announcement came notice of job openings that 4 Fungi’s would be hiring for. These include positions in controlled environment agriculture (CEA) as well as more administrative and knowledge-based roles such as sales, marketing, and operations staff.  

To learn more about working at the company, visit www.4fungis.com or email Senior Communication Officer Neil Minshall at neil@4fungis.com.

To read the full announcement and press release visit https://www.georgia.org/press-release/4-fungis-regenerative-takes-root-georgia.

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