13 Startups Selected for Plug and Play Savannah’s Batch Two Cohort

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SAVANNAH, GEORGIA, April 17, 2023 – Plug and Play Savannah is excited to announce the 13 startup companies that have been selected to participate in its second cohort for their Savannah-based Supply Chain startup accelerator. This selection of these 13 companies followed a series of events and discussions with its corporate and community partners which were hosted by Plug and Play on March 8th and 9th.

The first event, Innovation Alley, on March 8th, immediately followed the 2023 Georgia Logistics Summit. It was a reception showcasing innovative technologies in the supply chain and logistics space, with 26 startups presenting new technological solutions focused on maritime, trucking, warehousing, workforce/staffing, and advanced manufacturing.

The second was Plug and Play’s own Selection Day showcase, where startups pitched in front of Plug and Play’s partners and the public with the hope of being sponsored through the accelerator program as well as securing pilot projects and business for their companies with logistics providers in the area.

Plug and Play Savannah partners with the Georgia Port Authority, Maersk, Georgia Power, SEDA, Foram Group, SLIC (Savannah Logistics Innovation Center), Savannah State University, Savannah Technical College, and Georgia Southern University. Globally, Plug and Play has a network of 60+ partners in the Supply Chain sector with the goal to bring the best new logistics technology from around the world to the Savannah region.

This second batch follows on the success of the first program’s first patch, which included a notable outcome of the first cohort of the accelerator program. One of the startups from Batch One last year hit unicorn status, meaning the company now has more than a billion-dollar valuation. Einride, a company Plug and Play has a long history with that joined the cohort with the intention of helping to break into the American southeastern market.

Bart Gobeil, the executive director of the Savannah Logistics Innovation Center, expressed his excitement for the upcoming cohort and the positive impact he thinks the program will have on the region’s and global ’s logistics industry. He said, “The logistics industry is the backbone of our region, our state, and nation’s economy. It is vital that we continue to invest in and support innovative ideas and companies in the logistics industry, such as these 13, so that this massive economic sector can continue to prosper and serve our communities. We look forward to having these companies be a part of the Savannah program and grow together.” The Savannah Logistics Innovation Center is a public-private partnership led by Georgia Southern University and the Savannah Economic Development Authority with the goal of establishing Savannah, Georgia as an innovation leader in the supply chain and logistics technology industry.

Of 22 startups that pitched to the program, thirteen were selected to participate in the second cohort of the Plug and Play Savannah-based Supply Chain startup accelerator. The selected startups are:

Arvist: Minimizing disruptions and reducing costs in warehouses and cargo operations with real-time operations visibility using existing cameras and AI.

Chunker: On-demand, short-term warehouse marketplace connecting companies needing temporary space with those that have excess space.

Cloverly: Cloverly is a tech-led carbon credit marketplace where you can purchase vetted high-quality carbon credits from our global network of project partners. Our API enables companies to integrate carbon offsetting into their customer-facing solutions which helps build awareness and scale climate action.

Darvis: Empowering your cameras to deliver visibility in real-time.

Denim: Denim is a mobile employee experience solution for the deskless, hourly workforce.

Enexor BioEnergy: Enexor BioEnergy has developed an onsite, renewable energy solution to end the world’s organic and plastic waste problems.

FreightMango: FreightMango is an online marketplace for international freight shipping that lets importers and exporters search, book, pay, track, manage, and finance your freight in seconds.

Gig and Take: Gig and Take assists factories in developing and managing a flexible, on-demand workforce.

NuGen Systems: NuGen Systems develops and provides Innovative, Clean and Efficient Energy Solutions to replace Legacy Systems currently used by Industrial/Commercial customers, while saving them money and improving productivity.

Tag-N-Trac: Tag N Trac is next-generation package tracking smart label platform for logistics.

Tranzhalo: Tranzhalo develops technology products for the transportation industry. Terzo Technologies: Terzo is an Enterprise AI platform that extracts data trapped in documents and makes it available to critical business processes.

Ubicept: Ubicept provides new imaging solutions that enable seeing in the dark and other challenging environments at unprecedented quality.

Catherine Saunders, who manages the accelerator program in Savannah, states, “We are excited about what the future holds for our upcoming cohort. With the collaboration of our team, startups, partners, and community, we have the opportunity to push innovation forward in the Coastal Empire. I look forward to reflecting on these initial stages as the starting point of an amazing journey.”

For more information on the program, please reach out to Plug and Play Savannah at savannah@pnptc.com. To learn more about the Savannah Logistics Innovation Center and their initiatives supporting the growth and development of an innovative logistics environment, contact Bart Gobeil at bart@platformstrategiesgroup.com. You can learn more about some recent exciting developments for the innovation corridor here.