10 Steps to Avoid a Cyber Breach ft. Lokx & Fortinet | Creative Coast Lunchtime Topic

October, is officially Cybersecurity Awareness Month (https://www.cisa.gov/cybersecurity-aw…). Does your company have an up-to-date and active cybersecurity strategy in place? You read and hear about the high-profile cyber breaches – Colonial Pipeline, JBS Foods, T-Mobile, AT&T, LinkedIn, Kaseya, Oldsmar (FL) Water Treatment, Microsoft, SolarWinds, et al. However, there are thousands more breaches/events weekly you never hear about because they are not household names. Cybercrime is ever-evolving, and it’s a business emanating from gangs in the nation-states – they go to work every day in tall shiny buildings! No sector, business segment, or organization size is immune.

This collaborative talk features speakers from Lokx, a company of trusted advisors and systems integrators in cybersecurity, cyber advisory, IoT, and advanced networking, as well as from Fortinet, a company that secures the largest enterprises, SMB, service providers, and government organizations around the world.

Learn more about Lokx by visiting https://lokx.ai/.

Learn more about Fortinet by visiting https://www.fortinet.com/.

This Lunchtime Topic will cover

  • The current state of cybersecurity
  • Underlying causes of a cyber breach
  • How to improve your cybersecurity 

Want to get in touch with Lokx or Fortinet? 

Contact Christopher Cook from Lokx at chris@lokx.ai.

Contact Jon Boyles from Fortinet at jboyles@fortinet.com.

About the Speakers:

Christopher Cook is the CEO of Lokx which is a small woman-owned (SWOB) systems integration and professional services firm specializing in cybersecurity, cyber advisory services, IoT, and advanced networking. Chris has 30 years of experience in launching, developing, and building early-stage companies. Beyond helping to establish his companies as global leaders. Chris has been a significant part of several early-stage technology companies, he has held a variety of C-level positions, and those companies have all experienced success including an IPO and several positive exits. Christopher has been published in the IEEE and also currently serves on the VigiTrust Board of global advisors and is a member of the FBI’s InfraGard Atlanta chapter. 

Jon Boyles is a Regional Account Manager at Fortinet and has been with Fortinet for over one year. A bit about me: I have three kids: Valentino, six months old, Vivienne, four years old, and Vincent, who is 6. We call them VB3, my marketing plan for when the kids get older, and my retirement plan. I have a beautiful wife named Brigitte, who I met during my time at Airwatch – she was my sales trainer and claims she is still training me. That is still up for debate. In my free time, when I am not saving companies from the bad guys, I volunteer my time to 30 kids from the ages 3-8 years old every Tuesday and Thursday.

Jim Claypoole, is a System Engineer in Atlanta with Fortinet going on 8 years. Radha my incredible wife and best friend have seven children, most over 20 now and looking forward to being able to explore the world in the future. Final note, one quote I know is true “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

Byron Stewart has been in the IT networking industry for 28 years and has been with Fortinet for the past 11 months. He has worked for other premier networking vendors and built, ran, and sold a very successful IT consulting firm after 14 years of business. He has four wonderful children ranging in ages from 15-23 years old. He and his beautiful wife Stephanie just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary earlier this year. He is also very active in his community volunteering for many charitable organizations. Byron has a real passion for helping organizations secure their network infrastructure and keep them safe from hackers and bad actors.